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Nominations for 2020 have now closed. 

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Nominate a Superstar!

AMP Healthcare Hero!

A Healthcare Hero is a health professional who has gone above and beyond to help the healthcare community.

Sponsored by Australian Medical Placements

The HELP Awards

The Lexus Supernova

A stellar individual who’s on a trajectory to greatness!

They can be a trainee, apprentice, cadet, student, mentee, or even someone returning to the workforce, as long as they’re doing great things, we want to hear about them!

Sponsored by Lexus of Adelaide

The TTO Individual Star!

The Individual Star is an individual who has shown selflessness, compassion and/or resilience to lead or help others through a crisis.

Sponsored by TTO Chartered Accountants

Fresh 92.7 Community Champions!

The Community Champions are any team, group or organisation who've made a positive difference to the community!

​Sponsored by Fresh 92.7


Did anyone make your life just that little bit easier this year?

Did you help just that bit more around your friends, workmates or in your organisation ?

Did you do any acts of kindness and generosity?

Anyone is eligible, just click to nominate, it only takes a few minutes and it's free!

You can even nominate yourself!

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